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Sep 13, 2010 2:00am PDT
have happened anywhere. >> there was a group of us quite frequently after school we'd just hang out. >> he was a promising young surfer. and a son to make a mother proud. >> he was incredible. like a rocket. >> they were former football teammates. they played and partied hard. but how did a night out with friends -- >> i just had an unsettling feeling in my stomach. >> -- end with the death of that rising star of the surf? >> he goes, something's happened. i just knew. i said it's emery, isn't it? he said, yeah. >> prosecutors called it murder. these friends said it was a tragic accident. >> one time, it was a fluke and, unfortunately, emery died. >> one young life lost. >> i was screaming emery, emery, please. >> five more on the line. >> it's a wake-up call for parents. >> the surfer and the bird rock bandits. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> la jolla, california. long a sleepy enclave of the well-to-do was shaken by the brutal beating and death of promising surfer emery and those who might have been a little smug about the place, a little soul searching as one sho
Sep 13, 2010 2:50am EDT
of this special fiber and how to enjoy them every day. >> this year in the united states, over a million of us will have an operation on our heart or a technique called angioplasty, where we put a balloon and a stent in to open up our arteries and keep them open. these are revolutionary techniques, which can be life-saving for about half the people who have them, but for the other half, a combination of drugs, diet, exercise and a number of strategies that my article talks about that you can use at home, are your best chance of outliving heart disease. >> arthur, if so many angioplasties may be ill-advised, what on earth can you do? have you got anything in your black bag for clogged arteries? >> [laughs] you wouldn't believe it. >> maybe i wouldn't, but show me. >> well, let me explain. this new medicine contains a forgotten vitamin, a very special sub-type of vitamin k, tested off the charts in a recent study. people who got enough of it were 52% less likely to have severe calcification in their main arteries and they were 57% less likely to die of heart disease. >> that's significant, defin
Sep 13, 2010 3:05am EDT
muslim youth in the u.s. that we have seen in europe. are we in danger of proving al qaeda right? i'm a liberal progressive american muslim but when i see that bigotry against my faith, my very identity has become so common place in america that it is a wedge issue in the elections and i can barely control my anger. i can't imagine how the next generation of american muslim youth will react to provocations. what's behind this? >> part of it has to do with the controversy surrounding the islamic community center in lower manhattan. it is true that there are those that oppose the project because they do believe that it will disturb the sensitivities of some 9/11 victims, so i do want to remind everyone in this country we do not define our constitutional rights by how they disturb people's sensitivities. you only have to spend a few minutes at ground zero yesterday and to take in this international anti-muslim zealous that gathered together to spout the most vile racist bigotry to know that this is about something more. anti-muslim sentiment in this country is at unprecedented levels.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3